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JavaScript Promises: A Journey To The “Promise Land”

Promises certainly aren’t the holy grail of asynchronous flow control in JavaScript. There are no silver bullets, after all. Promises are a tremendously important concept, and one that you need to understand, though. They’ve been around for a few years, … Continue reading 

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An Epic Report/Dashboard With And Kendo UI DataViz

A while back, I wrote a post on the idea of a minimum viable report – basically, just using simple NodeJS files that I run from the command line and console.log stuff out so that I can see the information … Continue reading 

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Getting Audio File Information With HTML’s File API And Audio Element

I’ve been cranking out features and capabilities on SignalLeaf for just over a month now, and it’s ever so close to being ready for some public beta testing. I do have one alpha tester, though. John Sonmez is slowly moving … Continue reading 

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Consistency Problems With APIs In JavaScript Promise Libraries

Promises are a powerful way to handle asynchronous code in JavaScript. They give us a lot of opportunity to clean up code, and to write code that can register work to be done when the promise is resolved, whether or … Continue reading 

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Realtime User Interface Design

By Brad Carleton This is the third installment in a series on Building Realtime HTML5 Apps. Most of the thoughts and ideas from these articles stem from my experience building, a realtime javascript framework. The previous articles focused on … Continue reading 

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Event Aggregator And/Or/vs Mediator: A Tale Of Two Patterns

Design patterns often differ only in semantics and intent. That is, the language used to describe the pattern is what sets it apart, more than an implementation of that specific pattern. It often comes down to squares vs rectangles vs … Continue reading 

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using the lego blocks to create a synchronized Kanban board.

Over the last 1-2 years the capabilities of the web lego blocks (libraries) have really come together to allow us, the web development community. to start putting together some really interesting applications. The best part is all of the plumbing … Continue reading 

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Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC4– new release 1.0.71

To learn more about the Package read these blog posts: Introduction Release 1.0.71 Bootstrap MVC – Menu System Some interesting stats for the project. It has gotten a bunch of attention on the interwebs. The package has over 2,500 downloads, … Continue reading 

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Code review of a Publish/Subscribe Architecture using SignalR in Home Automation – Part 4

Part 1 – Synchronizing webpages across devices with SignalR Part 2 – Architecture for a SignalR Synchronized Webpage Application Part 3 – Publish Subscribe using SignalR Part 4 – Front End Code Review Previously, I covered an example of synchronizing … Continue reading 

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Publish and Subscribe using SignalR in Home Automation – Part 3

using signalR aspnetmvc knockoutjs javascript jquerymobile x10 Part 1 – Synchronizing webpages across devices with SignalR Part 2 – Architecture for a SignalR Synchronized Webpage Application Part 3 – Publish Subscribe using SignalR Part 4 – Front End Code Review … Continue reading 

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