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Composite Views: Tree Structures, Tables, And More

One of the more recent features that I added to my Backbone.Marionette framework is the CompositeView. It’s actually been in the code for a while now, but in a recent version I extracted it out of the CollectionView and in … Continue reading 

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Resizing KendoUI Splitter To Fill Screen Vertically

I dropped the jQuery.Layout plugin in favor of KendoUI’s Splitter control yesterday. Kendo’s Splitter is just so much easier to use and more flexible. It was a no-brainer for me, really. But I ran in to a problem: how to … Continue reading 

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A JSFiddle To Build Backbone.js Fiddles

I’m tired of building JSFiddle environments every time I need to set one up for a blog post, to show some Backbone.js code. So… I built: a JSFiddle that has nothing but the JavaScript libraries that I use for my … Continue reading 

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