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An Epic Report/Dashboard With And Kendo UI DataViz

A while back, I wrote a post on the idea of a minimum viable report – basically, just using simple NodeJS files that I run from the command line and console.log stuff out so that I can see the information … Continue reading 

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Making Heroku Run A NodeJS App From A Sub-Folder

Both SignalLeaf and a project I’m building for my day job at Kendo UI are running on NodeJS/ExpressJS servers, deployed to Heroku. I love Heroku and have been using it for a good number of years now. It makes deploying … Continue reading 

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A First Look At My Arduino BBQ Thermometer

I’ve uploaded a first look at the Arduino powered BBQ thermometer and software that I’m building. It’s using an Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield.  The probe is a 100K “meat probe” (aka “thermistor”) that I took from a store bought … Continue reading 

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Backbone.Syphon: Serialize Form Inputs To JavaScript Objects

Working with form elements in a Backbone view can become very tedious very quickly. You will either end up writing a lot of repetitive code to read values from the form, or end up using a key-value-observer or data-binding solution … Continue reading 

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Searching With A BackboneJS Collection

In my last post on composite JS apps, I mentioned needing a search and search results section of my app. I’m starting off with a very simple search box that will let a user enter a name or description of … Continue reading 

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Backbone.js: Object Literals, Views Events, jQuery, and `el`

I’ve seen this question in various forms on StackOverflow, more than a few times: Why aren’t my view event callbacks are being fired? or My view events won’t fire. What am I doing wrong? or My view’s `el` is empty? … Continue reading 

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Simple XML to JSON with PHP

Hello all, it’s been a while since I have blogged anything, been extremely busy with personal events in my life. So to get back into the swing of things I am going to KISS this post. I recently needed to … Continue reading 

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Rendering jQuery Templates With Backbone Views

In my previous examples of using views with Backbone.js, I showed a simple login form that was built directly in to the page’s html markup. In a more complex app, you are likely going to load content from a server … Continue reading 

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Making Mongoid Play Nice With Backbone.js

Backbone has some great features that make it dirt-simple to integrate with a Rails back end. For example, the Backbone models have a .fetch(), .save() and .destroy() method on them. These methods make a call back to your server, based … Continue reading 

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