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Work In Process (WIP) Limits, Policies, Etc.

I had a great discussion a few of my team members this morning. We were discussion work in process (WIP) limits, policies, and other items that are related to both of those. By the end of the discussion we had … Continue reading 

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Lean Software & Systems Conference 2010 (#LSSC10) Review

Last week I attended (and presented at) the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta and it was well worth the trip! Everything from the keynote speakers to the individual sessions, from the hotel accommodations to the conference rooms, was … Continue reading 

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Failure Is Not An Option, It Is A Requirement.

Of course that statement on it’s own can obviously be shown to be fallacy. When you consider the context of continuous improvement, learning or generally advancing our own capabilities and understanding, though, this statement can be quit liberating. Why? Because … Continue reading 

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Using ROI As A Constraint, Not An End In Itself

I had a fun conversation over instant messenger yesterday. The original subject matter revolved around a problem that the other person was having and how that problem was consuming a number of minutes per day with repetitive, tedious work. At … Continue reading 

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Can PDCA Help Us Improve Our Test-First Development Efforts?

I was thinking about target conditions and the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle earlier today when a code related issue that I was having popped into head and decided to meld with the current string of thoughts. The resulting thought was leading … Continue reading 

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Are We Continuously Improving Or Just Continuously Changing?

Don’t confuse activity – even when it has a visible, measurable effect – with productivity. Without a clear picture of where we are going and why, our best efforts at improvement (though they may be ‘continuous’ efforts) are likely to … Continue reading 

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“The purpose of kanban is to eliminate the kanban”

I found the quote that title’s this blog post in Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata book – the origin is simply stated as “a Toyota person”.   Kanban: We’re Doing It Wrong The title quote plays hand in hand with a … Continue reading 

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