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Work In Process (WIP) Limits, Policies, Etc.

I had a great discussion a few of my team members this morning. We were discussion work in process (WIP) limits, policies, and other items that are related to both of those. By the end of the discussion we had … Continue reading 

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My #LSSC10 Presentation And Experience: “Assumptions Are Risks We Have Accepted”

During the 2nd day’s keynote speech at the Lean Software & Systems Conference (#LSSC10), Bob Charette had the title quote of this post in his slides and his speech. There’s no better way to learn a principle like this than … Continue reading 

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Lean Software & Systems Conference 2010 (#LSSC10) Review

Last week I attended (and presented at) the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta and it was well worth the trip! Everything from the keynote speakers to the individual sessions, from the hotel accommodations to the conference rooms, was … Continue reading 

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“The purpose of kanban is to eliminate the kanban”

I found the quote that title’s this blog post in Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata book – the origin is simply stated as “a Toyota person”.   Kanban: We’re Doing It Wrong The title quote plays hand in hand with a … Continue reading 

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My ‘Decoupling Workflow’ Presentation Was Accepted For #LSSC10

I was notified yesterday that my ‘Decoupling Workflow’ submission for the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta was accepted! This will be a complete re-write of the presentation, by the same name, that I gave at the 2009 Austin … Continue reading 

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Electronic Kanban Tools and WIP Limits: LeanKitKanban and AgileZen Get It!

Most of the electronic Kanban boards that exist simply don’t understand what WIP limits are really about. They all seem to go down the path of forcing any step (column) in the process to have a maximum limit that is … Continue reading 

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A Failed Opportunity To Coach, Teach, And Help Others Improve

A colleague in the nation of Pablo-The-Donkey asked a question on the LosTechies private mailing list: “Has anyone had experience with bringing agile into a workplace that has legacy code that hurts to touch, let alone wrap tests around and … Continue reading 

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What Do You Want To Know, About Kanban In Software Development?

I asked this question via Twitter a few minutes ago, and wanted to ask the non-twittering inter-web-o-blog-reading public: if I were to do an Intro To Kanban presentation for your team/company/local-user-group, what questions would you want answered? Let me know … Continue reading 

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A Kanban Board Is A Production Leveling Task Board

In the lean manufacturing world heijunka – production leveling – “is a technique for reducing the mura waste and vital to the development of production efficiency […]. The general idea is to produce intermediate goods at a constant rate, to … Continue reading 

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WIP Queues: Done vs Ready

I’ve used two types of queues in my Kanban systems, in the last year – but I didn’t realize it until a recent conversation at the Lean Software Austin meeting in August. As recently as the Conversation on Adopting Kanban, … Continue reading 

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