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Deploying A Thor Application With Vlad, From Github, Run As A Cron Job

The previous 4 blog posts, in combination with a few others, have basically been a series of posts all leading up to this one. If you read them all in the right order (and possibly a few of the links … Continue reading 

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Cleaning Up Log Files On Linux, With Logrotate

In my previous post, I talked about the need to run a command on a schedule with cron. I also mentioned cron creating a bunch of email and how to redirect the output to log files with the whenever gem. … Continue reading 

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The Whenever Gem: Making Cron Easy

I recently had to learn how to use Cron to set up a scheduled task on our rails server. In spite of the ubiquity of cron, I found the documentation and even the “how to” tutorials to be horrible at … Continue reading 

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Solving Some SSH Issues For Deploying Rails Apps

So you think “The Rails Life” is all unicorns, rainbows and glitter? Yeah. Guess again. Right now it feels more like a glitter cannon shredding a unicorn into a rainbow colored bloody pulp… Joey and I are deploying our rails … Continue reading 

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Getting my dual display setup to work on Ubuntu 9.0.4

My Macbook Pro recently died and I decided to stage a new development desktop using Ubuntu 9.0.4.  I’ve had colleages complain in the past about poor support for ATI graphics cards and was a bit concerned aboout getting the hardware … Continue reading 

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Cloning Or Converting Linux VM From VMWare Workstation To ESX Server: ETH0 Gone. ETH1 Available?

I ran into a fun situation yesterday. I downloaded a virtual appliance for the Agilo Trac Plugin (which, if you’re a Trac user and trying to do sprints or iterations with it, you need to get this. It’s free and … Continue reading 

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A Couple of Quick Ubuntu Tips

I’m setting up an Ubuntu Jaunty install for a friend and trying to get it nice and usable. I’ll be messing more with Linux in the near future I think. Anyway, I ran across a couple of things that really … Continue reading 

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Current Status

UPDATE:  I’m very eager to see where IronRuby and RSpec go for the .NET world.  Testing my C# Applications with RSpec would be awesome.  Check out the MSDN magazine article about this stuff if you haven’t already. I’m working with … Continue reading 

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Slicehost articles

If you are Linux newbie or are still unsure about how to setup your Linux box/slice/server, take a serious look at the Slicehost Articles.  Other articles include setup of Apache, Nginx, Postfix, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, SSH, Self-signed certificates, … Continue reading 

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Personal CI history and Hudson CI as service on Ubuntu/Debian

UPDATE: CruiseControl.rb does have Git support from git:// Thank you Jeremy for the heads’ up (comment below) CI == Continous Integration I personally enjoy watching a team hear the Mortal Kombat voice yell “Fatality” when a build fails and see … Continue reading 

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