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An Epic Report/Dashboard With And Kendo UI DataViz

A while back, I wrote a post on the idea of a minimum viable report – basically, just using simple NodeJS files that I run from the command line and console.log stuff out so that I can see the information … Continue reading 

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Getting The Real Client IP Address On A Heroku Hosted NodeJS App

I was building a new report for SignalLeaf last weekend, to get the RSS Subscriber count for a given podcast. Along the way, I was doing some research in to the best way to track that information. It turned out … Continue reading 

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Using ROI As A Constraint, Not An End In Itself

I had a fun conversation over instant messenger yesterday. The original subject matter revolved around a problem that the other person was having and how that problem was consuming a number of minutes per day with repetitive, tedious work. At … Continue reading 

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Electronic Kanban Tools and WIP Limits: LeanKitKanban and AgileZen Get It!

Most of the electronic Kanban boards that exist simply don’t understand what WIP limits are really about. They all seem to go down the path of forcing any step (column) in the process to have a maximum limit that is … Continue reading 

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Kanban In Time-Boxes: The Cadence of WIP and Sprints

A comment that was left on a previous post, and a response that I made to the comment, got me thinking about Kanban and time boxes such as Sprints or Iterations some more. As I stated in my response, I … Continue reading 

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A Response to 5 Right Reasons to Apply Kanban

Michael Dubakov has a couple of great posts over at TargetProcess on 5 Wrong Reasons To Apply Kanban and 5 Reasons To Apply Kanban. I started to post this as a comment in response to his 5 Reasons To Apply … Continue reading 

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Theory Of Constraints: Productivity Metrics in Software Development

In the past, I’ve been a true believer that software development is not really possible to measure from a productivity perspective. I was ignorant, basically. I’m now a bit wiser and I understand that software development is no different than … Continue reading 

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