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Playing With Laravel 4 (the PHP MVC framework) And Telerik UI

It’s been a rough week, honestly. I’ve had to rebuild my development environment on my Mac twice because of compatibility issues with Homebrew an XCode versions, I blew up my PHP install twice, set up Vagrant with a VM to do things … Continue reading 

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Building An Email List Component With BackboneJS

In my post about re-launching myself in to the independent life, I talked a little bit about restarting my effort to complete my Building Backbone Plugins eBook. I’ve already started down the path, reviewing existing chapters and beginning to fill … Continue reading 

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Handling DOM Events With EmberJS Views And Controllers

Hot on the heels of picking up Ember and starting to learn it, I think I’ve actually learned something useful! I certainly hope I have, at least. Otherwise, I’m going to be in trouble soon. In my EmberCloneMail app, I … Continue reading 

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EmberJS: Initial Impressions (Compared To Backbone)

Hey! This article references a pre-release version of Ember.js. Now that Ember.js has reached a 1.0 API the code samples below are no longer correct and the expressed opinions may no longer be accurate. Just keep that in mind when … Continue reading 

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JavaScript File & Folder Structures: Just Pick One

Rails wants you to put specific files in specific folder structures, based on the object type that will be in the file. Java demands that files in a folder structure are namespaced by that folder structure. VisualStudio also makes it … Continue reading 

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Backbone.js Is Not An MVC Framework

I’ve seen this question / statement / argument more than a few dozen times. I don’t particularly care whether or not people try to understand Backbone in terms of MVC frameworks, because that’s how we learn. We adapt new ideas … Continue reading 

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Zombies! RUN! (Managing Page Transitions In Backbone Apps)

One of the common issues or questions I see for Backbone.js goes something like this: “Whenever I hit the same route more than once, I end up getting seeing this call being made multiple times. It seems to accumulate another … Continue reading 

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Test-Driving Backbone Views With JQuery Templates, The Jasmine Gem, and Jasmine-JQuery

In my current production rails app, I use Cucumber to test my backbone code as an integration test – to make sure that the entire system is playing nice. Over the weekend, I decided to dive a little deeper into my … Continue reading 

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Don’t Execute A Backbone.js Route Handler From Your Code

I was working on a sample Backbone.js application and I ran into a scenario that seemed like it should have been simple on the surface, but was causing me a tremendous amount of headache. Here’s the basic functionality that I … Continue reading 

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Testing Out Embedding Of JSFiddle

This is mostly just a test to see if I can get a JSFiddle embedded into my blog post. The fiddle is a small backbone app that I’ve been playing with, to try out some different architectural ideas. It’s nothing … Continue reading 

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