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Parsing A Hash Tree (Or Object Graph) Using The Maybe Monad In Ruby

I was playing around with the maybe monad that I wrote in my last post, and it occurred to me that I might be able to parse out a object graph and grab a value from that graph with the … Continue reading 

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The Maybe Monad In Ruby

Just for fun, I decided to see what a monad would look like in ruby. I chose to use the Maybe monad since that’s what I used in my previous post on monads in C#. Here’s what I came up … Continue reading 

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Monads in C#: Which Part Is The Monad?

In my previous post on refactoring some code, several people responded in the comments and via twitter that I should look at the Maybe<T> monad as an option. Now, I have to be honest… the potty-humor-teenager in me wants to … Continue reading 

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