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How I Work Around The require(“../../../../../../../”) Problem In NodeJS

Anyone building a large enough app in NodeJS will tell you that it gets really really really frustrating to have 3 or more lines of this in every module you build: It’s ugly. It’s hard to read. It’s hard to … Continue reading 

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Semantics, Modules And Testing: Why (And How) I Test Internal Components, Not Private Methods

I saw someone tweet about a new-ish JavaScript library called Autooc. recently. I had not heard of it, so I clicked the link to find out more. It looks like an interesting project. I’ll have to look at it further … Continue reading 

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Executing A Project-Specific Node/NPM Package A-la “bundle exec”

It’s no secret that I love NodeJS, though I really haven’t blogged about it much (if at all). Frankly, I think Node and NPM are going to be eating Ruby, RubyGems and Bundler’s $25,000 lunch – at least on OSX. … Continue reading 

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