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Some Notes On Screencasting

I put together some notes for my team, on building some screencasts. I thought they came out fairly well, so I wanted to share with the rest of the world. ┬áNote that these are my opinions based on the work … Continue reading 

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Screencasting Tip: Resize Your App To 720p (1280×720) In OSX

I record my screencasts in 720p resolution. Up until recently, I had been changing my monitor’s resolution to 1280×720 in order to do the recording. The problem with this is that I ended up having to edit out the system … Continue reading 

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Multiple External Monitors On MacBook Pro: Don’t Bother… Yet

I’ve been running a 3-monitor set up on a macbook pro for the last year and a half. Here’s a pic of what it looks like; The model of macbook pro that I have only has one mini display port. … Continue reading 

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Solving Some SSH Issues For Deploying Rails Apps

So you think “The Rails Life” is all unicorns, rainbows and glitter? Yeah. Guess again. Right now it feels more like a glitter cannon shredding a unicorn into a rainbow colored bloody pulp… Joey and I are deploying our rails … Continue reading 

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Installing Ruby 1.8.6 And RubyGems On OSX (Snow Leopard) With RVM

RubyGems no longer supports Ruby v1.8.6, so when I tried to install 1.8.6 on my Macbook, via RVM, I ran into this nice little error message: The interesting bit is that ruby itself installed. It’s only RubyGems that didn’t install … Continue reading 

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Responding To Growl Notification Clicks With MacRuby

In my last post, I detailed the process of setting up a MacRuby app to send Growl notifications. To get even more mileage out of Growl, though, it’s a good idea to response to various interactions with the notifications that … Continue reading 

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Creating Growl Notifications From A MacRuby App

I’ve been wanting an excuse to learn how to code for OSX for a while now, and I finally thought of a project worth trying. In an effort to get up and running on XCode and Cocoa as quickly as … Continue reading 

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OSX Terminal Automation

My OSX Terminal Environment (as of today) Some of this might be old hat for a lot of you, but maybe this will help at least a few people.  I’m a pretty big automation addict.  During my Ruby on Rails … Continue reading 

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Accessing ActiveMQ on Mac OSX from a Windows VM

With MassTransit, we support multiple messaging transports, including MSMQ (comes with Windows), ActiveMQ (an open-source Java message broker), and TIBCO EMS (a not-so-open-source message broker). With that in mind, teams building on the Windows platform can comfortably choose MSMQ and … Continue reading 

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Developing for the iPhone

First, one my the reasons I love using OSX: 16 applications open including 4 Xcode projects, Photoshop, Numbers, Evernote, Mindjet MindManager, and more without a hint of slowdown and still 1.3 GB free (4GB total on my MBP). It’s wide, … Continue reading 

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