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Minimum Viable Reports: A NodeJS Script And console.log

I’ve spent around 2 months building SignalLeaf, so far. It’s all after-hours and weekends, but I got the job done … well… I got a minimum viable product done. I at least solved some pain that I had been seeing … Continue reading 

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My Smart Phone Made Me Dumb. I Fixed It.

I’ve been one of the many millions of people addicted to my phone, in the last 4 or 5 years – constantly pulling it out to check … something… anything… twitter, Google+, email, the weather or news… anything to get … Continue reading 

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You Are Not Paid To Write Software

I saw the phrase “I’m paid to write software, not tests” recently, and it drove me up the wall crazy. I hate this phrase and all of the misleading, misinformation that it spews. This phrase is not only false, it’s fallacy. … Continue reading 

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Abstraction: The Rule Of Three

I often hear people say something like “if you need it once, build it. If you need it twice, abstract it.” People often say then in the context of the “DRY” – or Don’t Repeat Yourself – principle. In theory … Continue reading 

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It’s Not Always “All Or Nothing”

Have you ever been terrified to try something? Not because you don’t think you would enjoy it, but because it’s new, different, scary and potentially dangerous? Or because you see one potential path – the easy path – that it … Continue reading 

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Anders Hejlsberg Is Right: You Cannot Maintain Large Programs In JavaScript

There’s a quote over on a Channel 9 video of Anders Hejlsberg: Erik Meijer: Are you saying you cannot write large programs in JavaScript? Anders Hejlsberg: No, you can write large programs in JavaScript. You just can’t maintain them. With … Continue reading 

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Stop Using Backbone As If It Were A Stateless Web Server

In the web development world with MVC based back-end servers, nearly everything is kicked off with routes. Look at rails for example. If you want a list of items, you hit /items and the router executes the index method on … Continue reading 

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Sometimes It’s Better To Use A Ruby Hash Than Create A Custom Class

The Eloquent Ruby book talks about the use of hashes and arrays vs classes. One of the things it covers is how hashes and arrays are often used by experienced ruby developers in place of custom classes. Coming from a … Continue reading 

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Good Refactoring / Patterns For Simple UI Logic?

I’ve got a chunk of C# that sits inside of a very simple form. The form downloads an update from a web page – one of two possible downloads, based on which one is available – and shows a message … Continue reading 

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Don’t Make Me Choose To Follow The Standards

Most systems that involve humans making decisions have a set of standards: guidelines, rules and/or policies that help people make good decisions. These standards are usually in place for good reason – to prevent bad things from happening or to … Continue reading 

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