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Evaluating Alternatives vs Reacting To Differences

Have you ever noticed that we tend to “evaluate” new products and services through the perspective of the existing products and services that we use? We compare feature implementations and making judgements on whether or not the implementations are the … Continue reading 

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Cost vs. Risk In Testing

There was a bit of interesting discussion on twitter this morning, concerning the cost of test-first vs. risk. Here’s the visual version of what I’m saying: The premise behind the value of test-first is that we will wash out (or … Continue reading 

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Becoming An Independent Consultant

After one year of a working with an amazing team and a great company at TrackAbout (well, 361 days. 4 days shy of a year), I am moving on. Starting on Monday, November 15th, I will be a self-employed consultant! … Continue reading 

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A Few Thoughts On IoC, An Idea For A different Type Of Container, And A Lot Of Questions

With all the comments on my previous post, there actually is a lot of great insight to be had. I’ve picked up on a few underlying themes and several of the commenters were able to cut through the cruft of … Continue reading 

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Design And Testability

In the line of business applications that I build, it’s considered good practice to use a test-first approach; Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, or whatever you want to call it. Write a test, verify that it fails for the right reasons, … Continue reading 

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Knowing when to ask

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, what your title is, or whether you are considered a leader in the team / project / company. If you don’t know yourself and when you need to ask questions, you’re going … Continue reading 

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Vendor Lock-In Vs. Best Of Breed Tools

I posted the bulk of this on the Albacore group as a reason for my wanting to take Albacore down to it’s “core” as a suite of build related tasks (which I talked about in the Preview1 post). However, I … Continue reading 

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Build Tools Roundup For .NET Systems

It seems there is not shortage of build tools that are available for the .NET developer these days. Of course I’m quite partial to the Ruby + Rake + Albacore solution, being the big tuna behind albacore and all… but … Continue reading 

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Adding Request / Reply To The Application Controller

Back in December of 2009 I had a post on using various messaging patterns within an application controller as part of an application’s architecture. One of the patterns that I distinctly left out was request/reply. At the time I had … Continue reading 

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Help! I’m Terrible At Migrating/Restructuring Code In A Test-First Manner

I’ve spent the last day or so restructuring some code – specifically converting a WinForms form into a user control so that I can host the control in several different forms that need it. This involves changing the presenter for … Continue reading 

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