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An Epic Report/Dashboard With And Kendo UI DataViz

A while back, I wrote a post on the idea of a minimum viable report – basically, just using simple NodeJS files that I run from the command line and console.log stuff out so that I can see the information … Continue reading 

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Stitching Together A Saas Of SaaS (And Never Owning A Single Server)

In the late 90′s and early 2000′s, I spent a lot of time working with IT / operations departments to get servers procured, setup, configured and running the web apps that I was building. This was a large part of … Continue reading 

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Minimum Viable Reports: A NodeJS Script And console.log

I’ve spent around 2 months building SignalLeaf, so far. It’s all after-hours and weekends, but I got the job done … well… I got a minimum viable product done. I at least solved some pain that I had been seeing … Continue reading 

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Building Sample Apps in Ruby, NodeJS and PHP

In the last three years I’ve gone from full time .NET development to full time Ruby on Rails and then full time JavaScript. It’s been an awesome ride, so far, but it’s not done yet. I started digging in to … Continue reading 

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A WinJS SpecRunner: Automating Script Tag Insertion For Unit Tests

Writing unit tests with Mocha or Jasmine is generally pretty easy. Once you have a test runner set up, it’s not much different than any other JavaScript environment, really. But the trick to this is getting a test runner set … Continue reading 

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What’s your favorite part of software development, and why?

I love solving problems and making the lives and/or jobs of others easier. I have a natural fascination with puzzles, electronics and tools combined with a deep seeded need to create and combine things in different ways. This is part … Continue reading 

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A Semi-Intelligent Watchr Script For Rails And RSpec

I’m using Watchr in my current Rails 3 project, instead of Autotest, to run my Cucumber and RSpec tests whenever I save a file. It makes life so much easier than having to manually run them. Yesterday, I decided to … Continue reading 

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An Observation Of Pair Programming vs. Not

I’ve spent the better part of the last month doing remote pair programming with Joey Beninghove, on our current contract. It’s been great – the constant discussion, the driving out of features, one small step at a time, the realizations … Continue reading 

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Web Development Stack In OSX

It has been almost a month since I ventured out into contracting and took up OSX on a Macbook Pro as my primary operating system. In that time, I’ve been very fortunate to have Joey Beninghove guide me through the … Continue reading 

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Cost vs. Risk In Testing

There was a bit of interesting discussion on twitter this morning, concerning the cost of test-first vs. risk. Here’s the visual version of what I’m saying: The premise behind the value of test-first is that we will wash out (or … Continue reading 

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