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A Few Thoughts On IoC, An Idea For A different Type Of Container, And A Lot Of Questions

With all the comments on my previous post, there actually is a lot of great insight to be had. I’ve picked up on a few underlying themes and several of the commenters were able to cut through the cruft of … Continue reading 

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Vim+Grep: Find All Occurrences Of Text In Your Project

I’m in the middle of some sweeping changes in albacore – changing the .path_to_command property to .command for all of the tasks that run an external tool. The core of the change is easy. I have a RunCommand module that … Continue reading 

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ZenTest+Autospec Is An RSpec TDDer’s Best Friend

In all the time that I’ve been using RSpec (almost a year now), I never knew about the zentest or autospec tools until I was recently watching a code kata that was using Ruby and RSpec. … so, now I … Continue reading 

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Using Vim As Your C# Code Editor From Visual Studio

No, not through ViEmu or VsVim… I mean, actual honest to goodness Vim. I’ve been working with Ruby for a not quite a year now (though, not much recently) and in that time I’ve tried a lot of editors and … Continue reading 

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Find And Replace With Regular Expressions In Vim / ViEmu

Here’s another entry in my how-i-saved-a-few-hundred-keystrokes blog posts on using Vim / ViEmu with Visual Studio.   The Code That Needs To Change I’ve got a data access method that is mapping around 50 fields into an object from a … Continue reading 

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Branching Strategies: The Cost Of Branching And Merging

Branching and merging are never free operations. Even if you are using a source control system that makes the mechanical process of branching and merging negligible, there are other costs that need to be accounted for than just the button … Continue reading 

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Are We Continuously Improving Or Just Continuously Changing?

Don’t confuse activity – even when it has a visible, measurable effect – with productivity. Without a clear picture of where we are going and why, our best efforts at improvement (though they may be ‘continuous’ efforts) are likely to … Continue reading 

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Albacore AssemblyInfo Task vs. Nant Assembly Info Generator

Here’s one of the reasons I like Rake and my custom Rake tasks that I’m building into Albacore, so much. To generate some assembly information such as version, company name, copyright, etc., you need to do this with nant: 1: … Continue reading 

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How To Get Started With Selenium Core And ASP.NET MVC

About a year and a half ago, my team and I tried to get some WaitiN UI tests up and running. We got some basic tests working on our local machines after a while, but we were never able to … Continue reading 

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Kanban In Time-Boxes: The Cadence of WIP and Sprints

A comment that was left on a previous post, and a response that I made to the comment, got me thinking about Kanban and time boxes such as Sprints or Iterations some more. As I stated in my response, I … Continue reading 

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