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High Speed, High Capacity Storage: The 1 Thing Every Screencaster Needs

If there’s one thing every screencaster needs, it’s high speed, high capacity storage for raw materials. I just finished up my 15th episode of WatchMeCode¬†(and have recorded probably another 15 or 20 episodes other than those) -¬†here’s the progress bar … Continue reading 

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Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 5

What!  You tease me with code in Chapter 4 and now there is none in this chapter?!?  Oh wait, I guess we should at least figure out what we want to build moving forward.  :) Chapter 5 Well this chapter … Continue reading 

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Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 4

Cool!  Now I get to start building stuff. Chapter 4  I just pop open my kermit green command line window and type “rails demo”.  And BAM!  We’ve got ourselves an application!  Ok, so it might not do much yet.  But it’s given me … Continue reading 

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Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 3

Hmm, well I’ve already zoomed through to chapter 8 in my actual reading/coding.  Better start getting these notes cranked out.  Oh, and why not purchase the book yourself and follow along.  It’d be interesting to get comments from other folks … Continue reading 

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Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 2

Got.  To.  Learn.  Ruby.  On.  Rails. Chapter 2 Chapter 1 was mainly a high-level introduction to Ruby and the Rails framework.  Chapter 2 starts off with some of the history behind the MVC pattern and how it was originally intended for … Continue reading 

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Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 1

As I mentioned previously, I’m starting to dig into the Ruby language for its elegance and the Rails framework in search of better, more efficient ways to develop web applications.  As part of this learning process, I figured it was essential that … Continue reading 

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