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Why Selenium and Rspec?

Introduction A year ago, I was put to the task, with the help of Joe Ocampo (fellow los techie) to have automated UI tests that everyone in a Development/QA environment (all levels of experience) can help with.  We wanted to … Continue reading 

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I Want Assert.NotYetImplemented(); In .NET Test Frameworks

One of my coworkers recently tweeted this: I do that a lot with c# and nunit. It helps me to figure out where I need to go, what tests are going to be organized where, etc. I certainly don’t expect … Continue reading 

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Current Status

UPDATE:  I’m very eager to see where IronRuby and RSpec go for the .NET world.  Testing my C# Applications with RSpec would be awesome.  Check out the MSDN magazine article about this stuff if you haven’t already. I’m working with … Continue reading 

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Creating an older rails project with multiple (newer) versions installed

I have been studying rspec the last week or two and have been using Rail 2.1.2 to do my exploring.  I was finally ready to jump into some legacy code and couldn’t even create a spec folder on the directory … Continue reading 

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Using Context as an example group in rSpec

If you try to do the following in rSpec you will receive a (nil:NilClass) error on the inner context in the ‘before’ statement when it tries to use @user. describe User do before(:each) do @user = end context “(adding … Continue reading 

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