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selenium-rspec-dsl available on and GitHub

I have released my first version of selenium-rspec-dsl on and on GitHub.  It that makes selenium testing easier to create, maintainable, and scalable.  Features: Runs on Ruby Selenium-Client 1.2.17, and Selenium-Grid 1.0.4 with Selenium RC 1.0.3 Rake Multi-Processing Tests … Continue reading 

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Why Selenium and Rspec?

Introduction A year ago, I was put to the task, with the help of Joe Ocampo (fellow los techie) to have automated UI tests that everyone in a Development/QA environment (all levels of experience) can help with.  We wanted to … Continue reading 

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How To Get Started With Selenium Core And ASP.NET MVC

About a year and a half ago, my team and I tried to get some WaitiN UI tests up and running. We got some basic tests working on our local machines after a while, but we were never able to … Continue reading 

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Selenium-client and fun

So I’ve had the pleasure of working with selenium-client, the official Ruby client API for Selenium Remote Control (bare bone client driver). Assumptions: 1. You have Ruby 1.8+ installed 2. You have rubygems installed I’m going to use the Slicehost … Continue reading 

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Selenium and Fitnesse (WebTest) with Firefox 3

Just wanted to pass something on… I’ve been using WebTest on Fitnesse for a while but had issue when trying to use it on my Mac.  I found that the problem was with the Selenium server jar.  You have to … Continue reading 

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