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How To Get Started With Kanban In Software Development

There’s a lot of great talk around the inter-weber-net-o-sphere on why Kanban works in software development, how to do specific details of Kanban, how to effectively talk about it, and other such subjects. If you’re interested in a great set … Continue reading 

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Daycare As A Kanban System

I was discussing my two year old son’s daycare with my wife, yesterday, when it dawned on me that the daycare itself can be viewed as a Kanban system. A Kanban system is a system level process control system that … Continue reading 

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Theory Of Constraints: Productivity Metrics in Software Development

In the past, I’ve been a true believer that software development is not really possible to measure from a productivity perspective. I was ignorant, basically. I’m now a bit wiser and I understand that software development is no different than … Continue reading 

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It’s All About The Benjamins, Baby.

Puff Daddy got it right. No, I don’t mean having money and wealth. Never mind the actual lyrical content or intentions of those lyrics in this song. The title alone tells us everything we need to know about justifying anything … Continue reading 

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