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An Evernote backed Journal using Vim/Emacs

I journal quite a bit and my holy grail has been using my favorite text editor (Vim or Vim bindings) with Evernote to store the everything in a smart searchable format. Today I stumbled onto a neat little tool that makes … Continue reading 

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Web Development Stack In OSX

It has been almost a month since I ventured out into contracting and took up OSX on a Macbook Pro as my primary operating system. In that time, I’ve been very fortunate to have Joey Beninghove guide me through the … Continue reading 

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Error detected while processing vimrc error when using UTF-8 characters in listchars variable

This error stumped me for a while, and I didn’t find any good answers on Google, so hopefully this can help someone else. I’m running gVim 7.2 on Windows – this information may not apply to other versions/platforms. Problem I’ve … Continue reading 

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Albacore Feature Preview: Building C# Code With CSC.exe

I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time… it’s been asked for multiple times and it’s been on my list of things to do for a very long time… but it’s finally happening! I’m finally putting a … Continue reading 

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Vim+Grep: Find All Occurrences Of Text In Your Project

I’m in the middle of some sweeping changes in albacore – changing the .path_to_command property to .command for all of the tasks that run an external tool. The core of the change is easy. I have a RunCommand module that … Continue reading 

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Trying To Get Vim Intellisense Working. Help?!

Setup: I’m running Windows 7 x64 with gVim installed. I have Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 installed, and am trying to get vim intellisense up and running. This plugin provides intellisense features for languages such as C#, C++, Java, and … Continue reading 

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ZenTest+Autospec Is An RSpec TDDer’s Best Friend

In all the time that I’ve been using RSpec (almost a year now), I never knew about the zentest or autospec tools until I was recently watching a code kata that was using Ruby and RSpec. … so, now I … Continue reading 

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Using Vim As Your C# Code Editor From Visual Studio

No, not through ViEmu or VsVim… I mean, actual honest to goodness Vim. I’ve been working with Ruby for a not quite a year now (though, not much recently) and in that time I’ve tried a lot of editors and … Continue reading 

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Find And Replace With Regular Expressions In Vim / ViEmu

Here’s another entry in my how-i-saved-a-few-hundred-keystrokes blog posts on using Vim / ViEmu with Visual Studio.   The Code That Needs To Change I’ve got a data access method that is mapping around 50 fields into an object from a … Continue reading 

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Eliminating Repetitious Coding With Vim / ViEmu And Macros

Anyone that has been following me on twitter recently is probably aware that I’ve been trying to learn Vim and ViEmu for Visual Studio. It’s been a very slow, somewhat painful learning process, but I think it is finally starting … Continue reading 

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