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JavaScript Promises: A Journey To The “Promise Land”

Promises certainly aren’t the holy grail of asynchronous flow control in JavaScript. There are no silver bullets, after all. Promises are a tremendously important concept, and one that you need to understand, though. They’ve been around for a few years, … Continue reading 

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Killing Switch Statements With A Registry: An Example And Screencast

In my video on the SOLID principles applied to JavaScript, I showed a quick transformation from using a switch statement to using a registry instead, with the Open-Closed principle as the impetus for moving in that direction. It’s a good … Continue reading 

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How I Met My Dream Job, Left It, And Why I’m Returning To Build Products And Services

Something I heard recently seems appropriate right about now: “What’s the worst time to look for a job? When you need one.”¬† ¬† – (one of the presenters at CodeMash, 2014) There, And Back Again In 2010, I stumbled my … Continue reading 

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Stitching Together A Saas Of SaaS (And Never Owning A Single Server)

In the late 90′s and early 2000′s, I spent a lot of time working with IT / operations departments to get servers procured, setup, configured and running the web apps that I was building. This was a large part of … Continue reading 

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Screencasting Tip: Resize Your App To 720p (1280×720) In OSX

I record my screencasts in 720p resolution. Up until recently, I had been changing my monitor’s resolution to 1280×720 in order to do the recording. The problem with this is that I ended up having to edit out the system … Continue reading 

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Hands-on Backbone.js Screencasts

I’ve been talking about this for what seems like an eternity in Internet time: earlier this week my 4 part screencast series on Backbone.js was released through PragProg! It’s a hands-on, no-fluff walk through of all the major parts of … Continue reading 

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I’m Wring A Book On Building Backbone Plugins

A few weeks ago I published a screencast on building Backbone plugins¬†(paid). In this screencast, I walk and talk through the steps that I take to build, test, package and deploy some of the plugins and projects that I build … Continue reading 

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WatchMeCode: Using LiveReload In Web Development

From all of the screencasts that I’ve produced at WatchMeCode so far, the number one question that I get is: What tool do you use to refresh your browser when you change a file in your editor? It’s LiveReload, and … Continue reading 

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