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Eric has 6 years experience in software development with the last 3 being in Agile shops. He is now spreading the Agile love as a Senior Consultant with Headspring Systems in Austin, TX. Eric loves to share his passion for software development, especially Test-Driven Design, with anyone that will listen. Eric is also a Hudson Continuous Integration fanboy. He recently published “Hudson Continuous Integration Server” in the May/Jun ‘09 issue of C.O.D.E. magazine to help .Net’ers get started with Hudson. Outside of software, Eric’s passions include his family (wife, son, 2 daughters), fixing things around the house, and volunteering with various local churches and organizations.

Review: Agile Web Development With Rails, Fourth Edition (Part I)

With a full house of kids, I don’t get as much of a chance to dabble in technologies that I’m not using at work.  So, I am much more selective in what I choose to learn.  I also seemed to … Continue reading 

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Your Best Foot Forward: Writing An Effective Technical Cover Letter

Are you sure that your cover letter is doing its job?  How do you know if you’ve written an effective cover letter?  If you aren’t getting a call back on your application, your cover letter may be the problem. How … Continue reading 

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Organizational Knowledge Sharing

Recently, I have been reading Chasing The Rabbit by Steven Spear.  This is a methodical dissection of market leading organizations and what they do to gain and maintain the lead in their respective markets.  Spear looks at a wide variety … Continue reading 

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Why Chrome OS Will Succeed (in a limited market)

Randall Kennedy released an excellent analysis of the Chrome OS that I invite you to read.  In that analysis, Mr. Kennedy outlines why he believes that the Chome OS is doomed to fail miserably.  Though I haven’t seen Chrome OS … Continue reading 

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Up and Running With SQuirrel SQL and SQL Server Express 2005

Squirrel SQL provides some nice features that SQL Management Studio does not have out-of-the-box including auto-completion of table and column names.  Granted, Red Gate makes tools for Management Studio to get the same functionality, but SQuirrel SQL is open source … Continue reading 

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Unused Constructor Dependencies

Some classes simply require multiple dependencies that don’t always get used.  When testing such a class, there are several options for supplying the constructor parameters that will not be used.  I prefer to write tests that are as intention-revealing as … Continue reading 

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A Belated Introduction

My name is Eric Anderson, and I am NOT the newest member of LosTechies.  I am, however, the most recent person to make an introductory post. I landed my first development job in 1997 and stayed with that company through … Continue reading 

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