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Silverlight Testing – Part 2 – Making the test easier understand.

Now that we have a working test that can make the proper assertions, the next step is to make the test easier to understand.  First, here is the existing test. The test is loaded with infrastructure code that helps execute … Continue reading 

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Silverlight Testing – Part 1 – Testing the untested.

The Silverlight testing framework was recently released and shows some great potential for being a first class application platform. For more information about the test framework see this post fromJeff Wilcox. To start off I choose to use a code … Continue reading 

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Silverlight Testing framework bug – FrameworkElements are not visible on the TestSurface

Technorati Tags: Silverlight,Unit Testing,Test Framework Working with the Silverlight testing framework the last three weeks has been interesting.  I ran into a crazy intermittent bug which drove me made for about 2 hours.  The usercontrol that I was adding to … Continue reading 

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ASP.Net MVC framework – New version of the MVC Contrib project! – v

There was a new source code release of the Asp.Net MVC framework .  We just got the MVC Contrib project upgraded to work against the new release. You can find the release here.   First I would like to thank … Continue reading 

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