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Portable Area excerpt from MVC2 in Action

If some of you want to know why I have not been blogging as much for the last few months..  and this is why. I have been putting my energy into this book as a co-author.  I am excited to … Continue reading 

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MvcContrib – Portable Area – Visual Studio project template

I just uploaded a visual studio project template for creating portable areas.  You can find the release here: This project template includes a little msbuild trick to automatically include all of your content files as embedded resources, so you … Continue reading 

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MVC Virtual Group will have Phil Haack the ASP.Net MVC Program Manager, on Wed 4/7 12pm CDT

  I am excited to have Phil Haack present to the Community For MVC virtual Usergroup. He is going to be presenting on the MVC 2 features.  Now that it has been released, I hope anyone using MVC 1 gets … Continue reading 

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