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Synchronizing webpages across devices with SignalR – Part 1

After your done with this post, explore the others in this series: Part 1 – Synchronizing webpages across devices with SignalR Part 2 – Architecture for a SignalR Synchronized Webpage Application Part 3 – Publish Subscribe using SignalR Part 4 … Continue reading 

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Github for windows – I would send a pull request if I could

I am a huge fan of Github for Windows. I believe it is a major game changer for using GIT on windows machines. It took a horrible installation experience and turned it into a pleasant surprise. I think that the … Continue reading 

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Offshore and Distributed Software Team Survey

There has been a lot of effort spent making software development teams work across multiple locations.  There are a number of models to how this can be setup. Offshore, Nearshore, dual-shore, and just distributed. Over the years there have been … Continue reading 

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Build Monitoring in the cloud

I have been using a number of services in the cloud lately, AppHarbor, Azure Websites, MyGet, Code Betters Team City OSS Continuous Integration server. While these services are making deploying websites and nuget packages easier then ever.  I do not … Continue reading 

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