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Tip to become a successful software engineer.

This post is a follow up to Derick’s great post. I could not agree with his view point any more., but it struck a chord with me.  There is more to it. To actually call yourself a software engineer you … Continue reading 

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ASP.Net Web Config Transform Console Utility released on nuget

Overview ASP.Net Web.config transformations are a great way to manage configuration differences between environments. You can easily change a database connection string or change the compilation model for  Here is a link to the syntax documentation on msdn. The … Continue reading 

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Are your unit tests still hard to read ? – Should Assertion Library

I created the Should library to fill a gap in the testing ecosystem in the .Net space.  Simply put, I took what I liked about using extension methods to make a more readable set of assertions, but made the library … Continue reading 

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Using sql compact for integration tests with entity framework.

In my practices using continuous integration, I try to achieve 100% code coverage using integration tests. This is a separate metric from my unit tests, think of these tests as verifying all of my infrastructure code works properly when wired … Continue reading 

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