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Offshore and Distributed Software Team Survey

There has been a lot of effort spent making software development teams work across multiple locations.  There are a number of models to how this can be setup. Offshore, Nearshore, dual-shore, and just distributed. Over the years there have been … Continue reading 

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Build Monitoring in the cloud

I have been using a number of services in the cloud lately, AppHarbor, Azure Websites, MyGet, Code Betters Team City OSS Continuous Integration server. While these services are making deploying websites and nuget packages easier then ever.  I do not … Continue reading 

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Registration is open for aspConf

We are really excited about this conference! This is a free, online, two day conference that will focus on web development on using .Net.  We will have great speakers from the community and industry lined up. We already have speakers … Continue reading 

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Using Powershell to make your NuPack Packages – more Awesome

Yeah.. Its a cheesy title but what can I say. You can file this under “why nupack is not just for open source”.  We are using Nupack to distributed dependencies libraries and for the UI Framework where I work (Dell).  … Continue reading 

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Using Solution Factory + NuPack to create Opinionated Visual Studio Solutions.

Using Solution Factory inside of NuPack opens up a great new world of creating Solution Level templates. Previously, I wrote a lot of code in Solution Factory that just kept running into edge cases working against the Visual Studio automation … Continue reading 

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NuPack– .Net Package Management… and much, much, more

Yeah.. so all the Ruby and Java guys are saying.. Its about time .Net got a package management system. There were a few growing in the open source space, but none have really gained any traction.  Nu seemed to be … Continue reading 

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MSDN License Giveaways for Open Source Projects

I am totally excited to support the folks over at and their giveaway.  They are giving away MSDN  Licenses to Open Source projects in need of said licenses.  As a Microsoft MVP, I was given three MSDN License’s to … Continue reading 

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Converting from webforms to MVC presentation?

I just posted the video from the Community for MVC presentation by Matt Hawley about how Codeplex has been converting the site from ASP.Net Webforms to ASP.Net MVC . The video is posted here. Checkout the rest of the C4MVC … Continue reading 

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Jobs doing .Net – working on

So, you may or may not have heard that I left my old company Headspring and I took a job another well known Austin based company called Dell.  It was with mixed feelings that I left, because Headspring has awesome … Continue reading 

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Signup for MvcConf – Virtual ASP.Net MVC Conference

  When: Thursday in July 22nd 8am – 5pm CDT Cost: Free Where: Virtual (Live Meeting) Register:   MvcConf is a online conference where you can learn about real experiences creating MVC applications as well about what the future … Continue reading 

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