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Using Powershell to make your NuPack Packages – more Awesome

Yeah.. Its a cheesy title but what can I say. You can file this under “why nupack is not just for open source”.  We are using Nupack to distributed dependencies libraries and for the UI Framework where I work (Dell).  … Continue reading 

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Using Solution Factory + NuPack to create Opinionated Visual Studio Solutions.

Using Solution Factory inside of NuPack opens up a great new world of creating Solution Level templates. Previously, I wrote a lot of code in Solution Factory that just kept running into edge cases working against the Visual Studio automation … Continue reading 

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NuPack– .Net Package Management… and much, much, more

Yeah.. so all the Ruby and Java guys are saying.. Its about time .Net got a package management system. There were a few growing in the open source space, but none have really gained any traction.  Nu seemed to be … Continue reading 

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