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Are your unit tests still hard to read ? – Should Assertion Library

I created the Should library to fill a gap in the testing ecosystem in the .Net space.  Simply put, I took what I liked about using extension methods to make a more readable set of assertions, but made the library … Continue reading 

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Using sql compact for integration tests with entity framework.

In my practices using continuous integration, I try to achieve 100% code coverage using integration tests. This is a separate metric from my unit tests, think of these tests as verifying all of my infrastructure code works properly when wired … Continue reading 

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Build Metrics with Distributed Teams & Large Organizations

With some recent changes at work and I am looking at the quality of software development teams across a very large software organization. I am currently looking at getting the teams back to the basics in terms of software quality. … Continue reading 

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Video of the Continuous Integration workshop

Early this week we  ( Jeffrey Palermo and I ) gave a Continuous Integration Workshop in Austin.  We were able to record the workshop and our company Headspring Systems made the recordings available on their website. There is just under … Continue reading 

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Updated TDD Productivity Plug-in for Resharper

  I first want to thank JetBrains for being pretty awesome.  I have complained a lot about how they are constantly chaining their APIs to Resharper and as a result it makes keeping plugins very hard to maintain but they … Continue reading 

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Making a Unit Test Framework agnostic Assertion in C#

  At the beginning of the year I got some feedback that the assertions in the MvcContrib.TestHelper library were great and very useful but the problem with them is that we relyed on the NUnit assertions.  This was a problem … Continue reading 

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