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The Web Database Anti-Pattern

I’m just naming what I’ve seen over and over again.  It’s the extreme polar opposite of the Smart UI Anti-Pattern (in terms of layering) and a play on words of the popular term “Web Application”. This anti-pattern most often exposes itself as an … Continue reading 

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Creating Team Coding Standards

It’s nice when your entire team can agree on naming standards (at least).  We are currently going through the process of formalizing a few of ours in the form of a very short Word doc. For those looking for something to … Continue reading 

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New Location, Same Old Garbage

For those on my RSS feed, I’ve switched blog homes on the web.  I switched the RSS feed in the background on you, so now that you are seeing this, you are fully switched over (there’s nothing to do on … Continue reading 

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Joining Los Techies

So, for the curious, they have an initiation ritual at Los Techies.  I’m going to spill the secret.  From Joe’s emal: You must sacrifice a live chicken on the next full moon and praise thecomputer gods for creating Assembler.  After that … Continue reading 

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ReSharper Community Support Rocks

After posting my TDD screencast last week, I was surprised to receive an email from JetBrains.  It seems they watched the screencast too.  They had a couple questions for me and gave me a few pointers on keystrokes I could … Continue reading 

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The Art of the Metaobject Protocol

Anyone read it?  The name keeps popping up for me in various places.  Oddly enough, it was even mentioned in an annotated version of the CLI standard I was flipping through a few weeks ago. For the uninitiated, it details the … Continue reading 

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Pardon the Construction Dust

Pardon the construction dust while I move in.  In the mean time, you can find my existing rants and ramblings at my *other*  

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