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Learning from MySpace

I wanted to draw attention to another valuable read.  This one comes as a bit of a history of the design and architecture over at MySpace. It’s quite an interesting read, and if you watched/read my previous two posts, you … Continue reading 

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Building Large Systems at Google

I watched this video very late last night–way cool.  It’s a Google TechTalk about building very large systems. A few things stand out to me: How a large cluster of commodity machines (1000+) can function as a single large fault-tolerant hard … Continue reading 

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Infinite Scaling and Distributed Transactions

I posted a link to this paper a few days agon on one of the mailinglists I subscribe to.  I thought I would share with you guys as well: Life Beyond Distributed Transactions: An Apostate’s Opinion This is a really … Continue reading 

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The Shape of the Domain Model

This is a bit of a random thought which I had this morning regarding the relationship between the domain model and data. An instance of the domain model (or parts of it) is a snapshot of the model at a … Continue reading 

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[Book Review] Enterprise Architecture As Strategy

Environments where many applications and many development teams must talk have an additional layer of complexity surrounding them.  The more integrated the applications have to become, the hairier it gets.  If this scenario sounds like the company you are at, there’s … Continue reading 

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