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The Monolith

The Monolith is probably one of the most common ways people structure systems these days. While this is probably a valid way to build a large majority of small systems, for others, it causes quite a bit of pain.  I … Continue reading 

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Language Roots

Where does C# get its roots? Most C# developers would say it’s a descendant of C++, but is that the case?  Did we really get our heritage from C and C++? Here’s a comparison for you:   C++ C# Modula-3 Single … Continue reading 

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Running Microsoft Excel on a Scalable Computing Grid

Sorry, I had to post this one. Ever written an Excel application which was both data and cpu intensive?  Maybe you work for a financial company and want to run your realtime risk analysis off your current trusty Excel spreadsheet.   … Continue reading 

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Speaking in 2007

What a whirlwind!  I wanted to put together a few notes from my speaking engagements this year.  I’m hoping they might be of use to any of you trying to do the same. Compuware Thought Leadership I gave my first public … Continue reading 

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