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Developers Three Favorite Abstractions/Patterns

These might not actually be the top 3, but I know they are going to be pretty close for most people: The Call Stack The Transaction The Layers Pattern The first two are interesting in that they imply a specific … Continue reading 

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Taxonomy of Interaction Models

We live and work a world where tech talk quick devolves into muddy, undefined communication revolving around one of three concepts: the object, the component, or the service. While I’m not going to try and define each of these for you, I … Continue reading 

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The Architect Sketch

While this wasn’t targeted at Software Developers or the famed Software Architect, there are a frightening number of parallels.  Oh, and it’s good for a laugh..   If you aren’t seeing the video above, here’s the direct link.

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Breaking the Silence

So it’s been quite some time since my last post.  I figured I’d put an ice breaker out to break the silence.  This is it. I’m going to attempt to post more often, but no promises. As an interesting side … Continue reading 

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