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Community Reality Check: Is INETA a concrete life raft?

I’m asking you, dear reader, is INETA still viable as an organization? I don’t know about your local user groups, but here in Nashville, we don’t get nearly enough good speakers to fill our monthly timeslots.  Worst of all, the … Continue reading 

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Announcing: the Nashville ALT.NET User Group

This has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! Join the announcements list and jump in on the discussion.  We’ll plan our first meeting for later this month via the discussion list.

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[Book Review] The Sciences of the Artificial (3rd Ed)

In a nutshell, this book blew me away!  I’m giving it 6 stars (out of 5). After seeing this book referenced in another book I’m currently reading and also seeing it on the SEI’s Essential Collection, I thought it would … Continue reading 

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[Book Review] IT Architectures and Middleware (2 Ed)

What is Middleware? Whether your aim is to build a single, large distributed system or to integrate multiple existing systems into a single, large system-of-systems, middleware is your key to success.  When you begin to distribute across multiple processes, whether … Continue reading 

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The Cost of Defects

I just ran across some great stats on the cost of software defects.  These are quotable, so I thought I would share. The following is a quote from Capers Jones in his book, Estimating Software Costs.  For those unfamiliar with … Continue reading 

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Retaining Good People

This is largely common sense, but I’d bet there’s a large number of IT shops out there that haven’t picked up on this yet. Do you want to keep the best people on your staff? Make sure you have career … Continue reading 

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Estimating System Load

One of the initial steps that every non-trivial project should go through revolves around determining system usage requirements. Here’s a no-nonsense method for tackling this issue head-on. 1. Anticipate Usage and Usage Patterns A prudent developer or architect will find … Continue reading 

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And You Thought Your Deployments Were Tough

Did you know: eBay deploys a new release every 2 weeks They add roughly 100 KLOC per week to the codebase That should be a little extra motivation to work on removing the waste and increasing the flow of getting … Continue reading 

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On Comparing Current Tools to Futureware

I’m going to take a quote from Daniel Simmons on why we should use the Entity Framework. I’m not specifically interested in his comparison with NHibernate because I think the following is true of many current O/RMs (whatever your personal … Continue reading 

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Don’t Do That

Over lunch today, I learned about one of the company’s recent acquisitions.  Here’s the short of it: The production system has between 6k-7k different Access databases (databases, not tables) Since the app creates new databases on the fly, no one … Continue reading 

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