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A Very Poor Object Model Is Really No Object Model At All

First let me say that I’ve met Keith personally, and he’s a really cool guy.  Cool enough in fact, that he’s on my RSS subscription list. I’d consider him a friend.  This is my response to his recent post, How … Continue reading 

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A Reader Challenge

This is a simple challenge.  I want you to figure this out for yourself.  It’s an important step I think every developer needs to take for him/herself. Also, please don’t give any direct answers in the comments or I will delete … Continue reading 

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Sun Votes for Open Source

I managed to miss the acquisition in February, but this is really cool nonetheless.  Sun Microsystems paid $1 Billion for the commercial support vendor behind MySql (yes, the open source database). What was the  reaction? Sun Microsystems’s acquisition of MySQL … Continue reading 

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Test First Development

This is my attempt at sharing some of my personal reasoning around the topic of test-first development. Let me first sum up my thoughts in one shot: At the class level, form and function are significantly more important than implementation. Test-first development … Continue reading 

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[Book Review] Software Architecture in Practice

Having stumbled onto some of the SEI’s material on software quality attributes, I decided I had to know more.  That was the motivation that drove me to read Software Architecture in Practice.  It didn’t hurt when the book was shortly … Continue reading 

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[Book Review] The Power to Predict

The Power to Predict is one of a series of books I’m currently sloshing through on event-based programming.  It’s author is none other than the CEO of Tibco, Vivek Ranadive.  Noticing that and the forward by Frederick Smith, the FedEx … Continue reading 

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The Great OOP Misnomer

What’s the biggest minomer with OOP? Object-oriented programming is all about objects. False.  Objects are instances of classes and only exist at runtime. Object-oriented programming is all about class design.  It should have been named Class Oriented Programming (COP). Bertrand … Continue reading 

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What’s a Transaction?

It’s an abstraction that balances the simplicity and correctness of serial data access (a single query at a time) against the performance and perils of concurrency (multiple queries running in parallel). I thought the definition was slightly profound in an elegant sort of … Continue reading 

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Partitioned Complexity

Roger Sessions has some good material I wanted to take a moment to highlight.  This is part of his work around  a new Enterprise Architecture framework, Simple Iterative Partitions (SIP). Correlating Complexity to State First, let’s look at how complexity … Continue reading 

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Large Scale Software Failures

I tend to follow the news quite regularly, and if you are like me, you are probably aware of the catastrophe that is British Airlines and the new Heathrow T5 terminal.  The accumulation of a mountain of 20k pieces of … Continue reading 

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