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The Dependency Inversion Principle

In this post I want to discuss the D of the S.O.L.I.D. principles and patterns. The principles and patterns subsumed in S.O.L.I.D. can be seen as the cornerstones of “good” application design. In this context D is the place holder … Continue reading 

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True Swiss don’t like mocks!

Preface Hey, we Swiss are proud of our products! Have you ever owned a real Swiss Watch like this nice Rolex shown in the first picture? Or did you ever enjoy the delicious taste of Swiss chocolate? What about the … Continue reading 

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Synchronizing calls to the UI in a multi-threaded application

Introduction More and more we are forced to write multi-threaded or asynchronous applications to e.g. leverage the many cores or cpu’s of our servers and personal computers. But when dealing with multiple threads or asynchronous callbacks we often have to … Continue reading 

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Real Swiss don’t need SRP, do they?

Introduction You may ask yourself why I publish another article about the single responsibility principle (SRP). We already had some very good post about this principle at Los Techies, e.g. here, here and here to mention just a few. Well, … Continue reading 

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Coming from place far far away

Many many thanks to all the guys from Los Techies for their invitation! I feel flattered being now a member of the group. Many of the members of Los Techies I have been able to meet personally either at the … Continue reading 

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