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How To: Change start location of a signed ClickOnce Application

Lately I had to fix a ClickOnce application for a customer who changed the start location of the application. Since the path of the start location of the ClickOnce application is part of the (signed) manifest the setup does not … Continue reading 

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Java script: access properties of a complex JSON object

Lately I needed to dynamically access the value of a nested property in a complex JSON object in a jQuery plug-in I wrote. Since to my knowledge this is not possible directly I wrote a little function in Java Script. … Continue reading 

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How-To add a custom validation method to the jQuery validator plug-in

For my current project I needed a custom validator method for the jQuery validator plug-in. I wanted to validate that a user has chosen a value from a combo box where the value is of type Guid. First I implemented … Continue reading 

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