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Walking through the creation of a complex installer package

Introduction In this post I want to describe the issues and pain points I had when trying to generate a setup package for a complex product with many thousand of files. This is a post mainly for self documenting purposes … Continue reading 

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Fluent Silverlight – Part 3 – Binding Events to Commands

Introduction In the last two posts I introduced Fluent Silverlight which is a new framework designed to offer a strongly typed alternative to the XAML based definition of Silverlight views and its “magic string” based data binding of properties of … Continue reading 

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Fluent Silverlight – Part 2 – Binding Properties

Introduction After having introduced the new Fluent Silverlight framework in part 1 it is now time to dig a little bit deeper and discuss some implementation details. This time I’ll have a look into the details how we bind a … Continue reading 

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