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Use Docker to build, test and push your Artifacts

Sue is a software engineer at BetterSoft. She is in charge of starting a new project which includes building up the CI/CD pipeline for the new application her team will create. The company has established some standards and she knows … Continue reading 

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Bulk Delete Queues in AWS

This is a post to myself. Due to a faulty application we have a lot of dead queues in AWS SQS. To get rid of them I wrote the following script that I executed in a container that has the … Continue reading 

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Easing the use of the AWS CLI

This post talks about a little welcome time-saver and how we achieved it by using Docker. In our company we work a lot with AWS and since we automate everything we use the AWS CLI. To make the usage of … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarm Mode – Part 2

In part 1 of this post series about Docker SwarmKit I showed how we can quickly create a cluster of nodes (VMs) using VirtualBox and configure a Docker Swarm on this nodes. I then showed how we can run a … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarm Mode – Part 1

In the following few posts I am going to demonstrate how we can use the new SwarmKit that is part of Docker 1.12 to manage a cluster of nodes (VMs) as a Docker Swarm. To not depend on any cloud … Continue reading 

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