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How To Bootstrap Angular with Server Side Data

Today I needed to bootstrap our Angular 1.x Single Page Application (SPA) with some server side data. The data that I’m talking of is the set of feature toggles that are defined in our system. We need the value of … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarmkit – Part 4

So far we have experimented with Docker Swarmkit on our local development machine using VirtualBox as our playground. Now it is time to extend what we have learned so far and create a swarm in the cloud and run our … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarm Mode – Part 3

Refresher In part 1 we have created a swarm of 5 nodes of which we defined 3 to be master nodes and the remaining ones worker nodes. Then we deployed the open source version of the Docker Registry v2 in … Continue reading 

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