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BUILD conference–day 3

The future of C# Yesterday Anders Hejlsberg gave a talk about future directions of C# and VB.Net. He started with look back and then immediately dive into the new features of C# 5.0 which is part of VS 2011 and … Continue reading 

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BUILD conference–day 2

Today was the day of Windows 8 Server and of the Windows runtime (WinRT). WinRT is the new layer providing a language neutral interface to the underlying operating system. It is written in C++ and consists of purely native code. … Continue reading 

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<kill processName="peskyLittleProcess" />

For a second time now, I’ve found myself needing to kill processes in my automated build scripts, so that was enough for me to automate it and wrap it up in a custom NAnt task.  The first time I needed it, I just embedded the C# … Continue reading 

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