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Event Sourcing applied – the Repository

In my last few posts I started by revisiting the architectural pattern Event Sourcing and looked into how we can apply this pattern. I first discussed implementation of the aggregates and then of the application services. In this post I … Continue reading 

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CQRS applied

In this post I have discussed CQRS, an architectural pattern from a high level perspective. CQRS is one of my favorite patterns when it comes to complex line of business applications. Let’s discuss CQRS on a specific sample. Imagine we … Continue reading 

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Fluent Silverlight – Part 3 – Binding Events to Commands

Introduction In the last two posts I introduced Fluent Silverlight which is a new framework designed to offer a strongly typed alternative to the XAML based definition of Silverlight views and its “magic string” based data binding of properties of … Continue reading 

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