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The Evolution Of A Site’s Design

Site design is an evolutionary process, like anything else. As new and updated information is needed on the site, the design must change to correctly display it. New functionality is also added on a regular basis, and things must be … Continue reading 

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Edge cases and impossibilities

When one nurtures a production system for a long period of time, new requirements or examinations of existing behavior typically start with a set of assumptions of how the existing system should behave. However, I’ve often found that my assumptions … Continue reading 

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Not an April Fool’s post

Today I plan on writing a stored procedure. Not because I’m being forced to, but because the problem, as far as I can determine, requires a set-based solution. It’s a once-a-month process, doing bulk import, update and export of up … Continue reading 

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Separation of Concerns and databases

I’m looking at a database table this morning, looking to optimize a few queries by adding some indexes. The trouble is, this table already has many indexes, all on different columns. So now I’m thinking, is this a smell that … Continue reading 

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Concepts and features – an example

One of my favorite posts by Ayende covers the idea of concepts and features.  Design occurs at the concept level, whereas features build on top of concepts.  This can be a little abstract, but I recently ran into a situation … Continue reading 

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Comments are the Devil

I recently read Chris Coyier’s article entitled Show Markup in CSS Comments. I was actually a bit angry that so many responses praised this and so few were turned off from the idea. I appreciate the idea of making things … Continue reading 

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Evolutionary Architecture

A popular cause the Agile folks like to rally against is the idea of a Big Design Up Front (BDUF).  But much like Waterfall, the people doing BDUF will hardly admit that it’s BDUF that they’re doing.  Instead, you’re much … Continue reading 

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Starting fresh

While prepping for the Headspring MVC Boot Camp last week, I had a couple of choices for getting the examples project up and going.  I wanted the examples to use an actual domain model, a real IoC tool, and a … Continue reading 

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Poor use of DI versus need for DI

Surprise surprise, but Uncle Bob got the twitterverse all riled up with another opinionated post, “Dependency Injection Inversion”.  His basic advice from the post on DI tools is: I think these frameworks are great tools. But I also think you … Continue reading 

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The Template Method is a lie

In my recent adventures with controller-less actions, and trying to solve the issue of the crazy CRUDController mess I had put myself (and our team/project) into.  While some gravitate towards the Singleton pattern to abuse after they learn the GoF … Continue reading 

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