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What’s in a version name?

The best AutoMapper feature request I’ve received so far is one I got at the recent ALT.NET conference: “Can you please not call the release ‘Alpha’?” Well, that’s easy. It’s funny how much the name of a release can influence … Continue reading 

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Language feature parity and the polyglot programmer

For the average .NET developer, language features in the other .NET language don’t matter 99% of the time.  Unless of course, you’re using a framework designed for features that don’t exist for the language you’re using. Such is the plight … Continue reading 

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On symbology and materialism

In a great article, Scott Bellware talks about the detrimental nature of a fixation of symbology on teaching.  This is especially true in software development, where the justification, shape and application of tools are not quite as clear as other … Continue reading 

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Coming from place far far away

Many many thanks to all the guys from Los Techies for their invitation! I feel flattered being now a member of the group. Many of the members of Los Techies I have been able to meet personally either at the … Continue reading 

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Well that’s just precious

Looks like Gmail has themes: Awesome, even got the little heart over the “i” in “Gmail”.  And I don’t see why that one upside-down ice cream is so happy, it just got a big chunk bitten out of its head.

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1 Year Anniversary

I’m generally not one for sentimentality, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I allowed October to come and go without any ceremony.  I figured, though, that I should give some dignity to the … Continue reading 

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Programmers are not typists first

Jeff Atwood had a recent post that coders are typists first, programmers second: Steve [Yegge] and I believe there is nothing more fundamental in programming than the ability to efficiently express yourself through typing. Note that I said "efficiently" not … Continue reading 

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Please caption this photo

(hat tip: Tim Barcz for the idea of making this Slide #1 on all my slide decks henceforth)

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Los Techies Customer Service

A quick break from my (ir)regularly scheduled blog posts to point out something worth pointing out. Recently, we upgraded to Community Server 2008.  Our own Jason Meridth has spent countless hours in the evenings of his own time to do … Continue reading 

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Transitioning between consulting projects

Starting at Headspring gave me the first opportunity in my career to do consulting work.  I had previously worked in a startup, a product team and a large IT department.  In each of those cases, I didn’t leave a job … Continue reading 

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