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Creating an Ubuntu developer VM on Hyper-V – Part 4

Introduction We have been in the past and still are to a certain extent a .NET shop. Thus it is very important to us that we can develop our backend using ASP.NET Web API. ASP.NET vNext is now OSS and … Continue reading 

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The value proposition of Hypermedia

REST is a well-defined architectural style, and despite many misuses of the term towards general Web APIs, can be a very powerful tool. One of the constraints of a REST architecture is HATEOAS, which describes the use of Hypermedia as … Continue reading 

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AngluarJS–Part 10, Intermezzo

Introduction This is a series of posts about AngularJS and our experiences with it while migrating the client of a complex enterprise application from Silverlight to HTML5/CSS/JavaScript using AngularJS as a framework. So far I have published the following posts … Continue reading 

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AngularJS–Part 5, pushing data to the server

Introduction This is a series of posts to describe our approach to slowly migrate a Silverlight based client of a huge and complex LOB  to an HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript based client. These posts report on the lessons learnt and are meant to … Continue reading 

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Eventual consistency in REST APIs

Not picking on an API in particular, but…wait, yes I am. Octopus (an awesome product) has a proposed API on GitHub, and one of the things it describes is how to deal with the fact that the backend is built … Continue reading 

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Rant: That’s Not Rest.

I’ve asked for an explanation, definition, blog post, book, or any other source of material that can get me up to speed on REST in web development a number of times. It’s a popular subject these days, and there seems … Continue reading 

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Experiences with REST

Every system I’ve ever integrated with that refers to itself as “RESTful” is not REST. It’s RPC over HTTP. Every system I’ve ever built that I called “RESTful” is not REST. It’s RPC over HTTP. One of those dawning, sad … Continue reading 

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RESTful Web Services Cookbook – Review of Rough Cut

I’ve just finished reading the rough cut of RESTful Web Services Cookbook by Subbu Allamaraju and Mike Amundsen and thought I’d write a very quick review. Ultimately the book fills a gap in the market by providing practical advice on … Continue reading 

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I’m on a project that was using WCF and we’ve managed to make the transition to using REST (well, to be honest so far its just POX). REST is a joy and I really find it such a pleasant experience … Continue reading 

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E-VAN Blog and Videos

Jan has already posted about it but we have a new E-VAN blog which includes links to the recording of the excellent presentation Alan Dean gave on REST and a link to the next one that Ian Robinson and Jim … Continue reading 

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