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BDD – Files/Folders/Namespaces (BDD)

Files/FoldersOne thing that can be troublesome when moving to a BDD style approach is how to organize your files and folders, so far I’ve tried two approaches: One class in each file – So if you have When_associating_an_order_with_a_customer and When_associating_an_order_with_a_preferred_customer then … Continue reading 

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Acceptable test failures

As Derick Bailey pointed out in my last post, one of the annoyances with ReSharper is the NotImplementedException it puts in when you generate a method.  Going from the TDD side, this is exactly what we don’t want when we’re … Continue reading 

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Three simple Rhino Mocks rules

In previous versions of Rhino Mocks, the Record/Replay model was the only way to create and verify mocks.  You would have an area that set up expectations in a record mode, then the replay mode would verify your expectations.  What … Continue reading 

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A TDD investment addendum

I completely left out one very important tip in my top 10 tips to get a return on your TDD investment: Take advantage of pair-programming. Pair programming is a great teaching device, as it lets two people go back and … Continue reading 

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Ten tips to maximize the return on your TDD investment

Paul Cowen presented an interesting personal observation of using TDD on the ALT.NET mailing list, under the title “TDD + effort != return“.  The implication being that doing TDD requires extra work during development, extra work in training, extra work … Continue reading 

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Interfaces and isolation

Roy Osherove has suggested a new name for mocks, fakes, stubs or any test double: Isolation.  True, the myriad of test double names can muddy the language, and Meszaros’ suggested name of “test double” still confuses people that don’t get … Continue reading 

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TDD design trade-offs and junk food

Tony Rasa recently talked about design trade-offs when doing TDD: When “doing TDD,” we consciously make design trade-offs to favor testability. … we end up with a lot of single-implementation interfaces because of testability concerns and from weaknesses with our … Continue reading 

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Announcing: Pablo’s Days of TDD in Austin, TX

Los Techies(.com), its president, Pablo El Burro, and our sponsors are pleased to announce "Pablo’s Days of TDD" (PDoTDD).  PDoTDD is a day-and-a-half event of workshops, discussion, practice, and training around automated unit testing, specifically the practice of Test-Driven Development … Continue reading 

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Quality and code coverage

It’s an age-old question: should our team’s goal be 100% coverage?  A valid question, but one I’ve never much cared about in practice.  The idea is that the team, all practicing TDD, should dutifully measure and add unit tests until … Continue reading 

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Design and Testability

There was a rather healthy public discussion and debate going on via Twitter today between Roy Osherove, Ayende Rahien, Colin Jack, me, and several others. Michael Feathers even dropped in at one point which was cool.  This all started when … Continue reading 

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