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WIP Queues: Done vs Ready

I’ve used two types of queues in my Kanban systems, in the last year – but I didn’t realize it until a recent conversation at the Lean Software Austin meeting in August. As recently as the Conversation on Adopting Kanban, … Continue reading 

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Kanban In Time-Boxes: The Cadence of WIP and Sprints

A comment that was left on a previous post, and a response that I made to the comment, got me thinking about Kanban and time boxes such as Sprints or Iterations some more. As I stated in my response, I … Continue reading 

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A Response to 5 Right Reasons to Apply Kanban

Michael Dubakov has a couple of great posts over at TargetProcess on 5 Wrong Reasons To Apply Kanban and 5 Reasons To Apply Kanban. I started to post this as a comment in response to his 5 Reasons To Apply … Continue reading 

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How To Get Started With Kanban In Software Development

There’s a lot of great talk around the inter-weber-net-o-sphere on why Kanban works in software development, how to do specific details of Kanban, how to effectively talk about it, and other such subjects. If you’re interested in a great set … Continue reading 

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Daycare As A Kanban System

I was discussing my two year old son’s daycare with my wife, yesterday, when it dawned on me that the daycare itself can be viewed as a Kanban system. A Kanban system is a system level process control system that … Continue reading 

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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Part 2: How (Theory)

In the first part of my Branch-Per-Feature (BPF) series, I talked about why you would want to use a source control strategy like BPF – what circumstances would warrant such a strategy, what problems it solves, and a little bit … Continue reading 

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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Part 1: Why

Several years ago, I started using source control systems to store all of my code. It was a life saver. I was no longer worried about losing changes that I had made. Then a few years ago, I found Subversion. … Continue reading 

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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Introduction

Update: I have used the term ‘branch-per-feature’ very loosely until recently. It was a catchy name, easy to remember, and got the point across. However, this is only one example of what is really a branching strategy.  A branching strategy … Continue reading 

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A Kanban Is Just A Signal To Do Work

A kanban is a signal to do something. I don’t think kanban implies a pull-based system, honestly. Joe Ocampo showed it best in his Scrumban presentation at Austin Code Camp: That’s not a signal to pull anything… it’s a signal … Continue reading 

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Result<T>: Directing Workflow With A Return Status And Value

I often code user interfaces that have some sort of cancel button on them. For example, in my upcoming ‘Decoupling Workflow’ presentation, I have the following screen: Notice the nice cancel button on the form. The trick to this situation … Continue reading 

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