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Cassandra & Rails: Cequel Batch Support

Cassandra On Rails using Cequel Atomic Batch Support When I first tried to use Cassandra with Rails over a year ago the lack of a good native (IE not thrift) driver and a good mapper was a show stopper for … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 4 Introduction For Database Support With SQL Alchemy.

We last left off with Views with Mako, now Pylons does not enforce on you an ORM at all, so you can use hand crafted SQL if you prefer. However, since I’ve done enough of that for a career or … Continue reading 

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Castle ActiveRecord and registering classes at runtime

I use the following trick for adding ActiveRecord classes after the fact for our in-house plug-in architecture.  Thanks to whichever blogger/mailing list I picked this up from so long ago. Scenario 1: Class(es) to load inherit from same base class … Continue reading 

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Entity interface anti-pattern

This has been discussed many times before on various mailing lists, and I’m sure there are blog posts about it that are eluding me currently, but I’ll put it out there anyway.   Interfaces on entities are an anti-pattern (when … Continue reading 

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Oxite Review

Several folks, including Microsoft employees and members of the Oxite team, have politely requested I do a post or few on the problems I see with Oxite and why I previously recommended that it is not a good example/sample from … Continue reading 


In the ORM Battle, Everyone Loses.

As Ted Neward aptly pointed out in his post: ORM is the Vietnam of Computer Science(credit to Justin Etheredge for reminding me of this).  You need to do it, but there’s no real good end solution here. RDBMS do what … Continue reading