Castle Project

I’m currently studying up on the Castle Project.  It is currently scheduled for release in January of 2007, but the public API code is pretty much complete; it won’t change.

There is a good article on InfoWorld and I’ve found 2 others on CodeProject (1 | 2).  The second one from CodeProject talks about Castle on Rails.  I believe this is now called MonoRail, mimicing the Ruby on Rails
Framework.  The article made it look VERY easy to setup a website with
Monorail.  A co-worker recently mentioned he would try to setup a new
site with the tool and see how it works out.  I may just do the same

If you are not familiar with Inversion of Control, the first article from CodeProject and a recent article from MSDN are worth the read.  They highlight usage of the Windsor Container, the IoC control from the Castle Project.

Good IoC Explanations/Articles:(this will be updated throughout today)
Martin Fowler

Open Source Inversion of Control Containers in C#:
StructureMap: written by Jeremy Miller, one of my favorite bloggers off
Castle: discussed above
Spring.NET: another IoC container, based on the Java Spring Framework

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