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Code Complete by Steve McConnell

One of the BEST centralized points of programming knowledge. Complete Complete by Steve McConnell

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Law of Demeter (Principle of Least Knowledge)

I was reading up on the Law of Demeter again after reading Jeremy Miller’s post about orthogonality (good post by the way). The Law of Demeter (LoD from now on) was created at NorthEastern University, Boston in 1987 while a … Continue reading 

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Agile Programming Comics

The following comics are by Raj (Anil Hemrajani), the new author of Agile Development with Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse.  The book is getting more good reviews than bad on Amazon, but seems to be lacking for more advance users. However, … Continue reading 

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Very cool javascript trick with websites

Found this blog entry showing you how to take all images on a site and put them into a tornado. Try it out. Click here to read.

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Austin .NET Users Group (ADNUG) Code Camp

The Austin .NET Users Group (ADNUG), which consists of a good number of the developers, is hosting thier FREE Code Camp again this year.An email was sent out to the ADNUG forum stating the dates and times would be … Continue reading 

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Free design templates

For those developers who can’t design very well (like myself), here is a link to a free design site: (Older Version, More templates) The popular list has some good ones and they are mainly CSS driven layouts.  Very … Continue reading 

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I like to have my inbox empty – Gmail

Create a label (i.e., Saved) Apply that label to your email. Check the emails in your inbox that you want moved out. From the dropdown choose, Apply label: <Your new label> You’ll see the label name appear next to the … Continue reading 

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Ruby development in Visual Studio 2005

Via a post from Scott Bellware of, I looked into Ruby In Steel, a free tool, personal edition, to develop Ruby and Ruby on Rails in Visual Studio 2005. I’m going to check this out this weekend.

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The D Programming Language

Slashdot has posted a new article about the D programming language. From the article: For those with a C/C++ background, D offers: native code speed extremely fast compilation times garbage collection (although you can manage your own memory if you … Continue reading 

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‘ve used a few screen shot capturing tools and have even used the famous Alt-PrintScreen. The best FREE tool I’ve used lately is WinSnap.

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